Sculpted Nails

  • New Set: $35
  • Fills: $30
  • Soak & New Set: $40
  • Sculpted Toenails: $35
  • Resurfacing: $50
  • Soak Off: $10

Using our specialized techniques and procedures, we've put our professional skills to the test for you and your nails. Focusing on maintaining the health of your natural nail, even short, bitten nails will keep a smooth, strong finish that lasts longer than any other method in current use. The best part is that all this is achieved without the use of nail tips or glue. Our nails are sculpted in half the time of other gel techniques and without the air bubbles and flaws of other application techniques.

Unlike other nail technicians, we use an electric filing system that won't cause damage. And after your nails are the desired length, only a thin overlay on top of the natural nail will be necessary. The end result will be a distinct finish that is not only healthier, but stronger and more natural looking. We offer an available free french or american finish with the nail, as well as colored french tips. Colored acrylics can be combined to create any artwork, and with the use of Tammy Taylor Prizma Powderz there's no drying time! And at any time, you're able to soak off the acrylic nails without having to worry about the health of your own nails.

ALL WORK IS FULLY GUARANTEED! If you have lifting problems from chemical incompatibility within two week of your nail set, we will change the product and repair your nails for free. And for those unavoidable accidents, we're more than happy to fix any nail mishaps for FREE! We utilize hospital-grade sanitation precautions, including wearing nitrile (latex-free) gloves during all procedures; and our tools are sanitized before and after each use.

Mary Piper and her team take the ultimate care when it comes to your nails, so whether it is beautiful, natural looking finger nails, or even our sculpted toenails that follow the same procedures, you'll be able to show off these nails anytime!

Services We Offer

New Set

Application of a new set of sculpted acrylic nails with your choice of french, american or colored acrylics. You can call us for FREE REPAIRS until your fill at 2 weeks.


A clean up of old product, shortening if necessary and application to the new growth. Includes your choice of polish or airbrushed french finish.

Soak & New Set

Please arrive 45 min BEFORE your appointment time to soak off old nail product. If you are unable to arrive early enough to soak, we may have to change your appointment to a fill. No soaks available before 10am, only after 11am!

What Clients Say

Sculpted Toenails

Your choice of french, american or colored acrylic is applied to your own toenails for a beautiful and long lasting "pedicured" look!


Please consult Ming before booking this service! This service is reserved exclusively for clients that are unable to soak off nails due to extreme skin sensitivities. The old product is carefully filed off and a new set of nails is applied.