Gel Polish

  • Shellac/Gel Polish: $30
  • Shellac French: $35
  • No Dip, Dip System: $30
  • Soak & Shellac/Gel Polish: $35
  • Soak & Shellac French: $40
  • Shellac/Gel Polish Toenails: $30
  • Shellac French Toenails: $35

Now featuring the New No Dip, Dip System by Tammy Taylor. Soakable UV Gels from Gellish, Shellac manicures to OPI, Creative Nails.

Services We Offer

No Dip, Dip System

A great alternative to gel polish. Tammy Taylor's prismatic powder coat system. Similar in application but with hundreds of color choices and it can be filled so no harsh removal every two weeks makes it a great option.


A gel lacquer made by CND for the longest lasting "polish" job. Shellac's thin application allows for the most natural look and lasts up to two weeks with no chips!

Shellac French

French finish in the shellac, allows extra time for a perfect finish.

OPI Gel Color

A gel polish that comes in many popular colors. This gel polish lasts up to two weeks.

What Clients Say

Soak & Shellac/OPI Gel Color

Come in 20 minutes early to soak of Shellac or OPI Gel Color and to have another set of Gel polish put on. This service is for COLORS only, no french.

Soak & Shellac French

Come in 30 minutes early to soak off Shellac and get new Shellac French on.

Shellac/OPI Gel Color Toenails

Your choice of Shellac or OPI Gel Color on toenails. Lasts easily for a month with no chipping and is the most durable choice for the pool, beach or vacations!

Shellac French Toenails

Shellac French on Toenails, the most chip-proof french on toenails that last easily for a month or more!