Permanent Cosmetics

  • New Cosmetic Procedure: $375
  • Touch Up Cosmetic Service: $175

Former Hollywood make-up artist Mary Piper brings her artistic style to life with permanent cosmetics. With a true ability to change your life, this service is for anyone that desires a real enhancement to their own natural beauty. Perfectly applied make-up can be your reality all day, every day.

Have you ever heard of a tattoo not hurting? We can make that possible with our procedures by using a medical grade topical anesthetic.

A precise, unique process that involves implanting colored pigment into the second layer of skin, perfect lines and even individual hairs can easily be created all thanks to a twelve-needle process. This allows Mary the control needed for areas such as the eyes and lips, giving you the enhanced look you desire.

One of few true artists working in the Midwest, Mary's talent and impeccable skill ensure your satisfaction with this service.


Properly shaped eyebrows are the ultimate frame for your face. Giving a more alert look to your eyes and a sense of symmetry to your face, Mary Piper will work to give you your desired look. Even eyebrows that are sparse only need minimal additions and the worst of eyebrow mishaps can be fixed with a reconstruction. Following the natural brow line, Mary uses a 12 point system to shape the brow. This process will emulate individual hairs in between the natural ones that results in a natural, more beautiful frame. You'll never need an eyebrow pencil again, and the time and effort that you save will be well worth it!


Eliminate the problems that come with eyeliner and get the look you've always wanted. With permanent eyeliner, you'll never have to worry about your liner wearing off during the day again. Whether a soft and subtle, or more defined, thicker line, the result will be a symmetric, beautiful look. Individual color dots are applied directly to the eyelid, and in between the lashes. No more, and no less than needed, and this will even help your lashes appear longer and fuller. There's also no need to worry about too much since you can apply a conservative amount at first, and add more later.

Lip Liner/Lip Color

This process allows you to have the lip liner or fuller lips that you desire without the risk of collagen implants. Based on your natural lip color and the ultimate finish you want, Mary will help you select the shade that works best for you. Either an exact amount of lip liner can be applied, to help you apply lipstick more evenly. Or an application of color to the entire lip can be done. Any choice you make will help you achieve your overall beauty goals.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We offer a $50 retouching service if your tattoo peels or fades during the healing process.

Services We Offer

New Cosmetic Procedure

The permanent application of Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Liner, or Lip color. Free touch-up within the first 60 days.

Touch Up Cosmetic Service

Per half hour.